In the context of the MARHER project, i-strategies created “PantafGA”, an educational and narrative game. The game’s name is inspired by a folk belief, an imaginary beast creature, Pantafca, from Sothern Marche and Abruzzo regions.

The game aims is to offer to university students the possibility to experience the Intangible Heritage of the Marche region through authentic local stories and having fun.

The game is structured like a competition in which different teams must answer five questions. Behind each question is a non-fiction illustrated story collected on the ground and pointed out using physical markers. The team that correctly answers the most significant number of questions win the game

The game is based on a methodology developed by i-strategies and based on five pillars:

a) Site-specific. The game is site specific. Dedicated research activity was conducted on the ground to discover the five stories to tell;

b) Authentic. The game’s content is based on the authentic oral memories of local people who lived in the area where the game is played. The oral memories were collected using narrative interviews methodology;

c) Narrative. Excerpts from the oral memories collected have been written and illustrated using storytelling techniques. The result is five non-fictional, site-specific and people-centred stories;

d) Competitive. The five stories have been distributed along a narrative pathway to be played as a quiz-based competition;

e) Green. The game is played open-air, allowing university students to enjoy nature and learn sustainability values in an iconic rural area representative of the Le Marche typical landscape.

The Pantafga game has been piloted with international university students from the University of Macerata, Heilbronn University, University of Sothern Denmark and the University of New Hampshire.

Look at the video with the student’s feedback!