In the context of several educational events hosted by i-strategies at Offida, Marche region (Italy), international university students and their professors have been involved in many learning activities based on the triple “E” educational model:

Exercise. Instead of frontal lessons or slide presentations, the learning activities held in the i-strategies HUB was based on active learning. Project-based learning, pilot tests of new e-learning material, storytelling laboratories, collaborative canvas, quizzes competitions are some of the activities through which students could actively collaborate, enjoying deep and engaging learning instead of surface ones;

Experience. The second educational pillar offers international students local and authentic experiential learning activities. Non-formal learning experiences like Food Heritage Classes, Wine Classes, Augmented Reality Pathways, Field Trips, Digital Immersive Experiences and Gamified Tours have been part of the student’s study stay.

Exchange. The third educational pillar consists of knowledge-exchange experiences like Student-Stakeholders Dialogues, Corporate visits, and Learning visits that allow students to meet local stakeholders of the Marche region to learn, exchange with them, understand the social, economic and cultural context of the area, establish new contacts and network to favour future professional opportunities.