MARHER project: a new Humanism for companies.

Unlike other global players, Europe is a continent rich in history. A history that also concerns many European companies, sometimes heirs to century-old traditions. This history, which has a great cultural value, does not yet represent a significant advantage for the European economy and society. MARHER project aims to contribute to filling this gap, developing heritage marketing skills.

Indeed, to develop Heritage Marketing capabilities does not only means to create added value for companies. To develop Heritage Marketing awareness and skills means, above all, to support Cultural Heritage patrimony in Europe. In fact, European companies have an increasing role in cultural heritage preservation and promotion. Consequently, strengthening Cultural Heritage skills helps the care of our common patrimony.

In this way, as an official partner of the project, i-strategies will support MARHER in two ways:

a) linking the storytelling expertise to the Cultural Heritage communication. As highlighted by the ICOMOS chart, public communication of Cultural Heritage is an essential part of the larger conservation process (variously describing it as “dissemination,” “popularisation,” “presentation,” and “interpretation”). Every act of heritage conservation is, by its nature, a communicative act. Following this approach, storytelling can play a crucial role because without a stimulating and motivating story; the cultural experience is not successful;

b) sharing the know-how about heritage marketing projects carried-out for Italian companies. Heritage Marketing is a way to link the past and future. More in detail, heritage marketing indicates the ability to create added value, for products, brands and destinations, promoting them through distinctive elements such as history and tradition. Expertise that i-strategies developed through Intangible Heritage Marketing project such as Mezzadria Stories.

The MARHER project partners are: The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Denmark (Lead Partner), The Hive (Italy), Cooperation Bancaire pour l’Europe (Belgium), Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), i-strategies (Italy) and the University of Southern Denmark.

The project length is 25 months, from December 2019 to December 2021. More information about the project here.

Last but not least: are you interested in being part of project activities or disseminating its contents?

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