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Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

Has your company a long tradition that you would like to promote?

Has your community an intangible cultural heritage that you would like to enhance?

i-strategies can help you transform this unrevealed heritage into something unique to communicate in an authentic way and with an emotional appeal through a well-defined strategy.

We are used to thinking about cultural heritage as only the tangible heritage (landscape, architecture, artefacts etc.). But, as UNESCO states, even the intangible aspect of cultural heritage (folklore, traditions, life histories), is part of the word “culture”.

Our Heritage marketing approach aims to enhance everything representing the historical intangible heritage of a company or a community. Their history and memory as a distinctive and unique element, an unchanging resource on which rely on to build or renew a local or brand identity.

Projects carried out

Mezzadria stories

M.S. is an Oral History and Intangible Cultural Heritage project focusing on three main objectives

M.S. is an Oral History and Intangible Cultural Heritage project focusing on three main objectives: 

Save the oral memory

Save the oral memory of the last sharecroppers of Piceno (an area of central Italy) with the aim of creating a digital archive of rural memory;

Promoting Marche territory

Promoting Marche territory through its rich and emotional intangible cultural patrimony;

Recovering the rich heritage

Recovering the rich heritage of values ​​and ethical practices of the sharecrop civilization.

Alongside harsh working conditions and profound social injustices, sharecropping has been the bearer of positive values ​​that must be recovered.Sustainable development, biodynamic agriculture, the Mediterranean diet, a socially responsible economy, social eating, all seem very modern concepts, but in reality recall practices, social awareness and values ​​that already belonged to the sharecropping world.

The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC) has recognized the cultural and social value of Mezzadria Stories by selecting it for the official program of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

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