Learning Innovation


The i-strategies learning innovation wheel visually represents 23 learning innovation activities we implemented.

A wheel symbolizes the act of movement. Indeed, in human history, it is historically associated with an anti-static condition like changeability, dynamics and creation.

In this perspective, a wheel is the best symbol to visualize learning transformation.

The 23 learning activities piloted are grouped under seven spokes and share five characteristics.

Problem-based (PBL). Project Based Learning incentives students and professors to apply learning to practice and turn challenges into possibilities and solutions. In the i-strategies approach, the PBL starts from a problem statement defined between local stakeholders and universities. Students will work on it in groups, sharing their solutions through a pitch.

Digital. Developing digital skills in researchers and students is a priority in the i-strategies learning innovation effort. Online and offline learning modules have been designed to increase: a) Big data Storytelling; b) Podcasting; c) Artificial intelligence.

Narrative. Since the beginning, storytelling has been a key competence for i-strategies and applied for implementing modules and learning materials on: a) Audio Culinary Heritage storytelling; b) Storytelling through illustrations; c) Storytelling for Augmented Reality; d) Storytelling for social integration; e) Science storytelling.

Gamified. Gamification elements, especially individual and team competition with others, have been used by i-strategies for: a) Gamification of ice-breaking meeting sessions; b) Gamification and narrativisation of guided tours; c) Gamification of Wine flavour education.

Place-based. The i-strategies place-based education defines an approach in which the social, cultural and economic contexts of the Marche region enrich the learning offers through structured and unstructured knowledge made by case studies, local heroes, stakeholders, best practices, cultural, rural and culinary heritage, folklore.

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