Since 2018, i-strategies have been implemented for Ciù Ciù Tenimenti Bartolomei wine company, the culinary heritage project “Marche Food and Wine Memories”.

The project is collecting the life histories and oral culinary memories of the last sharecroppers of the Marche region by interviewing them using narrative interviews as a qualitative research method. For centuries, pasta, fresh fruits, vegetables, wine and olive oil, and a little meat consumption, have been the nutritional habits of the sharecropping families in Central Italy. Values like self-production and own consumption, fruit and vegetable seasonality, conservation of local varieties, no food waste and a close link between food and social rites also orient their diet.

A unique and local culinary universe that, according to The Seven Countries Study (a study carried out even in the Marche region), contributed to defining the standard of the Mediterranean diet.

Characteristics that allow to consider sharecropping food and wine heritage an authentic, sustainable and inclusive culinary model.

In this regard, the project is saving and sharing through social media, ancient recipes of the sharecropping civilization based on the actualization of their culinary memories. The authentic and emotional voice of which it is possible to listen through the videos published, like the one here below.

The project “Marche Food and Wine Memories” is a case study of three European universities, part of the PhD Program in Corporate and Local Cultural Heritage of the University of Macerata and object of scientific publications.