INTEGRATE project: develop storytelling skills for migrant entrepreneurs.

At i-strategies, we are very proud to contribute to the INTEGRATE project that EU Erasmus+ Programme just funded.

The project focuses on storytelling for migrant entrepreneurs. With the project consortium, we will develop training contents and ED-tools for promoting a counter-narrative based on migrant entrepreneurs. The objective is to fight discriminations, strengthening, at the same time, social integration and migrant entrepreneurship in Europe.

The i-strategies contribution will mainly focus on storytelling through the life histories of migrant entrepreneurs. The methodology, developed through corporate projects based on real-life histories, will help to achieve project goals.

As Schumpeter wrote, the study of entrepreneur interest, positions and – at the end – life histories, constitutes one of the possible approaches to understand the economic history. More specifically, entrepreneurs’ memorial tales, personal experiences and values, are an effective mechanism for generating entrepreneurial spirit [Steyaert, Hjorth, 2003]. Indeed, inspirational stories can have a relevant role in terms of emulation and wide-spreading entrepreneurial spirit.

Therefore, the Intellectual Outputs of the project will help to a) empower migrant entrepreneurs communication skills using storytelling; b) define a counter-narrative on migration underlying their contribution to the social and economical development of Europe; c) spread entrepreneurial spirit among migrants in Europe. In the end, INTEGRATE project will help the social integration in the “Old Continent”.

In conclusion, “INTEGRATE – Storytelling to promote migrants Entrepreneurship” project partners are: The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden (Lead partner), Novare Potential (Sweden), Cooperation Bancaire pour l’Europe (Belgium), Emphasys Interactive Solutions (Cyprus), Wisamar (Germany) and Associazione CNOS-FAP (Italy).

The project length is 24 months, from December 2020 to November 2022.

Last but not least: are you interested in being part of project activities sharing your experience of a migrant entrepreneur?

Do not hesitate to contact us here!