Diaporama is a word used for the first time in France during the Fifties.

The word derives from the ancient greek “horama” which means “view”. Indeed, diaporama refers to an audio-visual product made by pictures.

French video artist Chris Marker used the diaporama technique in his famous film La Jetée (1962).

Nevertheless, diaporama is something more complex than a picture show, achieved through a series of fades. Diaporama is a complete cultural product.

Echoing the words of Muller, Petit and Revaud, diaporama is a complete cultural product in which different elements interact. Examples of elements from different art traditions include; graphics, music, pictures and voices.

The diaporama art inspired some i-strategies storytelling projects. “Marche Food and Wine Memories” is one of these projects.

“Marche Food and Wine Memories” video is a combination of five elements. These include animated old pictures, recorded human voices, background music, sound effects and word texts.

The result is a video that aims to communicate authenticity through the real voices of ancient witnesses of rural civilisation.

Take a look at it here.