Using visual representation, the learning innovation wheel synthesizes the learning innovation projects implemented by i-strategies.

We have chosen a wheel to visually represent our learning innovation ideas because the wheel, and its rotation, symbolize the act of movement. Indeed, in human history, the wheel is historically linked to a non-static condition like changeability, dynamics and creation.

In this way, a wheel is the best symbol to express the idea of learning transformation and innovation.

In the i-strategies Learning Innovation Wheel, the seven internal spokes describe the seven different types of learning in which we implemented our projects: Project-Based Learning, Culinary Learning, Learning Dialogues, Residence Learning, Learning Expeditions, Social Learning and Narrative Based Learning.

Under the seven internal spokes of the wheel, 23 different Learning Innovation Actions are described. 

Click on the link of each learning innovation action to open the related articles!

i-strategies Learning Innovation Wheel di Gianluca Vagnarelli