Corporate visits as part of the i-strategies learning expeditions.

A corporate visit consists of visiting a local company’s headquarters, usually meeting the company founder or CEO.  Through the corporate visit, students can experience a corporate atmosphere seeing a business in action. Thanks to an extensive company network, i-strategies can offer university students corporate visits tailored to their interests and field of study.

In the case of the MARHER project, which was focused on Heritage Marketing, the students visited the Meletti company and met the CEO. The objective of the visit was to investigate how a historical company that produces liquors use its corporate heritage to create added value for products and marketing campaigns.

Thanks to the practical approach to learning corporate visits, university students can acquire transversal skills like entrepreneurial knowledge and management education besides their fields of study and interests. Furthermore, meeting passionate entrepreneurs will inspire their future career paths.

If you want to organize a company visit, we suggest proceeding in five steps: 1) identify a company that could be interesting to visit according to your class topics; 2) choose a company in the area of your university so you can get it easily and using public transports; 3) at least a month before, send an e-mail to the company asking their availability for a visit and co-define with them a date; 4) share with students general information about the company, the corporate staff they will meet and the visit programme (meeting point etc.) underlying why the visit will be interesting for their course; 5) make the corporate visit during your class hours; 6) ask your students to prepare short impressions about the visit to share and discuss together in their next class.

Let’s start our next learning expeditions!