The skill set framework – also called a competency framework -, is a structured and comprehensive model that defines the specific competencies required for successful performance in a particular sector. It systematically identifies, describes, organises, and assesses the skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviours essential for effective functioning within this context.

Competency frameworks in the Higher Education sector have been recognised for aligning educational programs with desired outcomes and fostering student success. Research supports the value of competency-based approaches in Higher Education. For instance, a study by Reddy, Goldstone, and Menekse (2016) emphasizes clearly defining and assessing competencies to enhance student learning outcomes.

Effective communication ensures a competency framework’s productive implementation and utilization.

In this context, i-strategies developed the Visual Skill Set Framework.

The skill set is an intellectual output of the project “Storylines. Storytelling for competitiveness in European enterprises”, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The skill set defines the knowledge and abilities needed to perform corporate storytelling professions. Developed through a mixed-methods approach, the skill set is set to become a point of reference for initiatives aiming to foster corporate storytelling skills.

The framework is structured in 3 levels of depth.

The first level defines five fundamental competencies, among which three are the core competencies for corporate storyteller professionals: Research, Narrative and Creative skills. The second level shows and describes, for each fundamental competence, 27 sub-competences. The third one lists 230 related abilities. Altogether, these competencies constitute the pillars of corporate storytelling as a new professional and emerging competence at the European level.

To reduce cognitive load and improve information processing, i-strategies adopted a visual approach in the skill set framework design process. Using visual grids, flowcharts, skills icons and infographics, we visually represent the competency framework to make complex information more accessible, understandable, and memorable for students, researchers, and other higher education stakeholders.

By utilizing visualization techniques, Higher Education institutions can improve the communication and comprehension of the competency framework, thereby facilitating student and researcher development and success.

Download here the European Corporate Storyteller Visual Skill-Set Framework.