i-strategies is based in the south of the Le Marche region, one of the Central Italian regions, where wine is a relevant part of the local history, culture and economy. Furthermore, thanks to the strategic collaboration with Ciù Ciù Tenimenti wine company, especially in implementing research and innovation projects on Culinary Heritage like “Marche’s Food and Wine Memories“, wine-education challenge classes are organized both to introduce students to the local context and develop their sense of taste.

The challenge aims to develop student’s ability to describe essential wine elements like types of wines (red, white, rosé etc.), wine styles (sparkling, still, etc.), wine varieties (rosso piceno, pecorino, passerina) and wine flavours in the context of friendly and fun team competition.

From choosing the most general wine description categories to the most complex ones, students are invited to share their sensory experiences divided into small groups and give answers using a local wine flavour wheel specifically designed for the challenge. The team that gets more points is awarded with the “Wine Education Challenge Champion” certificate.

Besides the student-stakeholder dialogues, corporate visits, interviews with local heroes and culinary heritage classes, the wine-education challenge classes are part of the field activities designed by i-strategies for international university students to give them the possibility to learn through “foster”
connections meeting with diverse social groups and local communities.