Training Corporate Storytellers for supporting EU companies with professional narratives.

A globalized society tends to eliminate the difference between products and services. In this context to tell what is behind a product or service is very important. Indeed, in this kind of society, to have the ability to share stories of origins, developments, and business features is an essential priority, especially for SMEs.

But who is the professional figure in charge of telling these stories?

That figure is the corporate storyteller, who has not yet had the opportunity to be trained in a structured way. But only through experiences in the field. The EU and Erasmus+ Programme took care of filling this gap. In 2018 the EU programme funded a project with the aim to train the corporate storyteller. An emerging professional figure, in Europe and around the world, dedicated to business storytelling.

In its role of the scientific consultant of the corporate storytelling association Fatti di Storie, i-strategies conceived the concept of the winning project that is entitled “Storylines”. The other official partners are Italian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (Luxembourg), Cooperation Bancaire pour l’Europe (Belgium), The Hive (business incubator, Italy) and Bic Innobridge.

After that, i-strategies coordinated two of the three intellectual outputs of the project. The Skills-Set Framework of the European Corporate Storyteller (a document that defines the fundamental skills for this emerging new professional figure) and the Syllabus (which specifies the training course content for the Corporate Storyteller). The two Intellectual Outputs were developed on the base of the analysis of the 31 best European corporate storytelling cases from 9 countries and relating to 11 economic sectors collected during the project activity.

Therefore, the Skills-Set Framework and the Syllabus are two open sources available to the entire European training system interested in organizing corporate storytelling courses.

“Storylines” project will end in May 2021 with an online Learning Activity that will involve international participants.

If you want to be part of our learning activity, please send us an e-mail here.