Terms such as HUB or Innovation HUB have been increasingly frequent in recent years.

In general, it can be said that they refer to physical places (more frequently open space), capable of promoting economic development, innovation and knowledge transfer horizontally. Sharing ideas, co-creation, and involving local communities are just examples of the HUB approach to improving innovation and knowledge transfer.

According to a definition given by the Stanford Social Innovation Review, HUBs are collaborative communities that have individual entrepreneurs, innovators and experts at the centre. In summary, HUBs are, at the same time, innovation incubators and community centres.

In the case of the i-strategies, the innovation HUB is based in Offida village, (Marche region), and presents the following characteristics:

Integration between cultural Heritage and innovation. The i-strategies HUB is based in the main square of Offida, piazza del Popolo, in a historical building in which every room of the HUB is decorated in the Italian liberty style. A coffered ceiling adorns the main room of the HUB. Indeed, the aim of the i-strategies HUB is to integrate innovation into the local cultural heritage and beauty;

Horizontal and modular. The spaces of the i-strategies HUB are conceived to incentivize a horizontal social interaction reducing social and structural barriers. Modular tables offer the opportunity to adapt the HUB to different learning needs and approaches (group work, meetings, conferences etc.);

Blended space. Thanks to a conference cam and ICT technical equipment, the i-strategies HUB can host blended activities involving remote and in-presence participants.

Wine and culinary heritage. Thanks to the strategic collaboration with Ciù Ciù Tenimenti wine company and culinary heritage projects like “Marche Food and Wine Memories“, participants in the meetings and learning activities held in the i-strategies HUB can experience wine and food culinary experiences as part of the local traditions, identity and cultural heritage.