Podcasting is experiencing a significant boom as a means of communication in recent years, where audio predominates.

The role of podcasts also increased in the field of education.

Podcasts have been incorporated into the curriculum in various ways to meet a range of learning objectives. The most commonly reported use of podcasts involves recording face-to-face lectures [e.g., Gosper, McNeill, Woo, Phillips, Preston, & Green, 2007]; producing supplementary educational material [Bell, Cockburn, Wingkvist, & Green, 2007]; as a digital tool for student project works [Petrovic, Kennedy, Chang, & Waycott, 2008].

Satisfaction is typically strong and students generally perceive podcasts to have enhanced their learning [Goldberg & McKhann, 2000].

In this context, i-strategies developed the “Podcast your class!” project that got the first position over 128 submitted projects and was funded in 2023 by the Erasmus+ Poland National Agency. The project’s aim is to develop podcast skills in students through concrete project works podcast based. “Podcast your class!” is implemented by a consortium of five partners led by Centrum Edukacyjne EST of Wadowice with the key expertise on podcasting bright by the Nordic Podcast Academy.

The main project output will be a free online training course on podcasting for education plus related learning materials to develop podcast skills in teachers and students.